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Stacey HorowitzI love color. Color and texture--it speaks to me. I notice it in the beauty that surrounds meómore specifically, in nature, especially flowers. I find the act of creating extremely therapeutic, and I love using my hands--I always have.

My means of expression have been through painting, jewelry making, & other forms of wearable art, which Iíve been doing on and off since the early 1980ís. I am entirely self-taught. Though my styles have changed greatly over the years, the threads of color and texture still persist.

As a child, I was either jumping and climbing, or sitting quietly creating art projects from craft books. I am a real dichotomy, as is my art. Whereas one painting may be strong and bold, the next may be soft and sensual. It is my tomboy versus my ballerina.

Brumlee My paintings are designed to reach out to you. Through the use of mixed media, I create a 3D effect. The goal is to induce an emotional response. If I can bring you some form of enjoyment, I will have accomplished what I set out to do.

I fashion my jewelry pieces to be an extension of my clientís personality. I design with an acute awareness of what styles, shapes, sizes & colors will be most flattering to their being.

- Stacey Horowitz

About The Artist
Stacey Horowitz is a self taught artist, though both her mother and grandmother studied formally. Stacey resides in the San Francisco Bay area with her husband, young son & dalmatian Brumlee. Throughout her professional career Stacey has managed to incorporate her creativity along with her love for fashion, color, texture and design. Stacey has a degree in Journalism with a minor in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin.
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