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Oriental Poppy
Oriental Poppy

Fame Lily
Fame Lily

And Then There Were Three
And Then 
There Were Three
Arum Lilies A Rose Like No Other Trio of Fuchsia Orchids
Arum Lilies A Rose Like No Other Trio Of Fuchsia Orchids

My models are so fascinating and sensual; they each have their own distinct personalities. They beg for intimacy & appreciation. When painting these flowers from photographic portraits that others and I have taken, I use colors, textures & dimension to convey their beauty on canvas.

Each floral portrait is first painted onto a Foam Core canvas. Only after this is completed do I begin to design the background canvas. Sometimes Iíll paint a very abstract border, see And Then There Were Three, while other times distinct patterns are fun as seen on my painting Arum Lilies.

Once the background canvas is completed I then layer decorative papers, hand or machine-made on top to accentuate both the portrait & background. Depending upon how the flower moves me, the papers may be placed flush, as seen in Oriental Poppy, or sculpted as in A Rose Like No Other.

In Trio Of Fuchsia Orchids I combined beadwork to add yet another dimension to the painting.

Most often I work with acrylic paints, as their quick drying time allows me to layer each dimension upon completion. The down side is that acrylics are non-forgiving. Once you apply the paint it is there for good, & cannot be removed. Oil paints however, take approximately a year to cure, & allow for change. Fame Lily was done as an oil painting.

The paintings you see here are one of a kind works that I've completed for various clients.  If you are interested in commissioning a painting, please contact me at, or at (650) 759-7007.

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